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About Finterai

Finterai is building the future of cooperation in regulated industries to reduce costs and increase insight.

Our technology is novel, and our application of it even more so.

Our approach a radically new system for cooperation. It’s the Finterai brand of Federated Learning.

Our focus is not the most network efficient solutions or the most complex neural network models.

Those applications certainly have their value, but our goal is even more foundational: Enabling effective cooperation across organizations.

This goal requires optimizing for entirely different objectives than what others have done before.

We are building our solution on three pillars: Safety, transparency, and ease of use.

Doing so is groundbreaking, and thus difficult. However, we have already reached a world-first on the path to achieving our vision.

Our proudest achievement so far is exactly this world-first: Our eight-month federated learning sandbox project with the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.


From the data available to us, it’s the world’s first public-private partnership that has evaluated federated learning in the context of GDPR.

This report established some key results and future challenges.

The most important result: Federated learning can be used to circumvent the GDPR-issues that limit Data Pooling, since federated learning is privacy preserving.


For more on the key findings, see the Norwegian Data Protection Authority webpage (Norwegian).

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