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Improve Your Compliance

See How Federated Learning Can Reduce Costs
And Regulatory Risks

Are compliance costs skyrocketing while your investigators drown in false positive alerts? You're not alone—financial organizations face growing fines and ballooning expenses, as regulations become ever more demanding. Our federated learning offers a transformative solution, allowing you to enhance monitoring quality while keeping your preferred solutions. Our experts, with a strong background in finance and advanced technology, has developed a federated learning solution tailored to the financial industry's unique needs. Register for our complimentary workshop and see how federated learning can elevate your compliance and data privacy measures, fostering a more cost-effective and resilient compliance process.

Who is this for?

You work in a financial organization. Your field is compliance, financial operations or innovation. You have some technical understanding, but you're not an expert in machine learning or secure collaboration technologies. You're familiar with AML and fraud investigations.

Do you have a deeper level of expertise? Feel free to sign up anyway! Alternatively, contact us for a deep dive into the finer points of federated learning.

Understand Why

Understand why monitoring quality determines compliance spending, and how to maximize monitoring quality


The organizational and technological requirements for applying federated learning effectively to reduce costs

Build Intuition

Build intuition about how the groundbreaking federated learning technology works

Roadmap of Value

How the road to federated learning improves efficiency in compliance and your overall organization, near term and long term

Compliance At A Glance

Learn about the laws and regulations governing data in the finance industry, and how to make federated learning compliant


Learn about the appropriate use of Federated Learning, including where other technologies should be applied

Arm your institution with the latest knowledge

Ready to learn? Fill out the form.

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